Individually wrapped lollies, chocolates and sweets suitable for Reception Counters, giving out to Customers, Expos and Parades.

Aeroplanes by Storz
Aeroplanes made by Storz fine chocolates"Ideas made of chocolate" - this perfectly describes the co..
Allens and Pascall Wrapped Lollies 1kg
Allen's & Pascall Wrapped Lollies  1 kiloMixture of Fantales by Allen's Sherbies..
Any Time Mint Chocolates
Any Time After Dinner Mints approx 110 pieces per 1 kiloby Paul's Quality Chocolates Ingredien..
Barley Sugar
Barley Sugar Ingredients:  Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Flavour, Colour 102.Made in Australia ..
Bubblegum Sherbets
Bubblegum Sherbets Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose syrup, Flavour, Colour 171, 132, 129, Citric..
Chewy Mints
Chewy Mints Ingredients: Glucose Syrup-wheat, Sugar, Emulsifier (471), Gelatine, Vegetable Shorte..
Choo Choo Bar Box
Choo Choo Bar Box A soothing succulent Licorice Toffee Bar Do you remember what this tastes like..
Christmas Big Candy Canes 85g x 24pcs
Christmas Candy Canes 85g eachIngredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Natural Peppermint Oil, Titaniu..
Christmas Candy Canes 12g eachIngredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Natural Peppermint Oil, Titaniu..
Christmas Gold Coins in Mesh Bags 75g
Milk Chocolate Coins 75g75g Mesh Coin Bags - approximately 8 coins per bagIngredients: Sugar, C..
CHRISTMAS Rainbow Candy Canes 28g x 72pcs
Christmas Rainbow Candy Canes 28g eachIngredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Natural Peppermint Oil,..
Chupa Chups 100 lollipop tub
Chupa Chups  VARIETY OF FLAVOURS - Grape, Cola, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon (f..
Curly Wurly Box
Curly Wurly Chewy Caramel covered in Milk Chocolate 48 Bars - 26g each Great for - Lo..
Double Dip Sherbet box
Double Dip - box of 36 packets Flavour Fizz Dips with a Swizzelstick 2 dipping sherbet - Orang..
Eucalyptus & Honey 1.5kg
EUCALYPTUS & HONEY 1.5 kiloIngredients - Sugar, Glucose, Water, Citric Acid-330, Eucalyp..
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