Lolly Buffet Information

Tips and Inspiration in Creating Your Own Lolly Buffet

A Lolly Buffet is a great way to offer sweet treats for your party guests to take home.  With wide varieties of Lollies available, of every imaginable flavour, colour, shape and size to choose from, you can easily create one that is sure to impress your guests and give any event that 'WOW' factor. 
Before you buy some bulk lollies, here are some tips to help you out:


As with all things in life, presentation matters.  When it comes to choosing your containers, think outside the box.  You don't necessarily have to purchase containers that are specifically designed to hold Lollies.  If you have a collection of glass vases or containers in different shapes and sizes, go ahead and make use of those.  You can also check out local craft stores.  If you are organising a theme party, allow your creative juices to freely flow.  You can use platters, toys, boxes or any canisters. 

Rough Estimate

Once you have a better idea on the presentation, you will need to focus on how much Lollies you need to order.  The general recommendation is to allocate about 100 - 150 grams per person.  This will depend if you are having Dessert, Wedding Cake as well as the Lolly Buffet. Be sure to determine how many guests you are expecting, and what specific varieties of Lollies you plan to offer, whether you are going with a colour theme, or your favourite lollies.

Tips & Tricks

To help create a full look to your Lolly Buffet, use other decorative 'filler' items on the table around the Lolly Jars.  Paper lanterns, flowers, flower petals, picture frame with Lolly menu are all great.  You can also incorpate homemade biscuits, cupcakes and sweets (petit fours), on platters and stands, this creates an abundant look to your Lolly Buffet.

Also, you can have different levels or heights in your Lolly Buffet - such as in the centre of your Buffet have a Centre Piece (Cup Cake Stand - with cupcakes, or different petit fours), Lollipop Tree.

You will need

  •    Several glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes
  •    Bowls
  •    Jars
  •    Vases
  •    Canisters
  •    Pedestal Servers
  •    Lollies
  •    Favourite Lollies
  •    Chocolates
  •    Sweets
  •    Candy
  •    Colour Themed Lollies and Chocolates
  •    Scoops and Tongs
  •    Containers for Lollies
  •    Mini Boxes
  •    Chinese Noodle Boxes
  •    Cups
  •    Small Cellophane Bags
  •    Organza Bags
  •    Decorations
  •    Ribbon
  •    Labels / Name Tags + Lolly Menu
  •    Other Embellishments to decorate the Jars and Table

If you are ordering your Lollies online, be sure to place your order well in advance so that you have time to stage the buffet at home before the party and order more Lollies if necessary.  You also want to avoid rush shipping fees, as bulk lollies can be very heavy!

Consider your environment, e.g. if you are having an outdoor wedding in the summer, you may want to avoid chocolate, and other types of sweets that can melt in the heat.

I hope you have found this helpful.