Everyone loves receiving a Gift or Present.........whether it is to say -

  • 'Thank you'
  • 'I Love You'
  • 'Happy Birthday'
  • 'Great to See You'

Chocolates are always a terrific Gift, as they can be shared with others, and enjoyed.

Baby Bottle - Blue
Baby Bottle - Blue 1 big Baby Bottle (that is a money box) filled with 20 Mini Baby Bottles Filled ..
Baby Bottle - Pink
Baby Bottle - Pink 1 big Baby Bottle (that is a money box) filled with 20 little Baby Bottles - Fil..
Barley Sugar
Barley Sugar Ingredients:  Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Flavour, Colour 102.Made in Australia ..
Caramello Koala 72 pieces
Caramello Koalaby Cadbury72 X 15g per box Ingredients: Milk Compound Chocolate 75%(sugar,vegetable ..
Caramello Koala Giant Box
Caramello Koala Giantby Cadbury36 X 35g per box Ingredients: Milk Compound Chocolate 75%(sugar,vege..
Carousel Assorted Toffee Chews 500g
Carousel Assorted Toffee Chews 500g Made in New ZealandIngredients:  glucose syrup, suga..
Chocolate Soccer Balls 300g
Chocolate Soccer Balls300 grams of Milk Chocolate Soccer BallsIngredients: sugar, vegetable oil (pal..
Chocolate Sports Balls 300g
Chocolate Sports Balls300 grams - Footballs, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and BasketballsIngredients: sugar,..
Choo Choo Bar Box
Choo Choo Bar Box A soothing succulent Licorice Toffee Bar Do you remember what this tastes like?&n..
Christmas Chocolate Mini Santas
Milk Chocolate Mini Santas 80g Mesh Bags - approximately 14 Santas per bag5cm high x 2cm wideM..
Christmas Chocolate Santa Belts
Milk Chocolate Santa Belts 75g Mesh Bags - approximately 13 Santa Belts per bag4cm acrossMilk ..
Chupa Chups 100 lollipop tub
Chupa Chups  VARIETY OF FLAVOURS - Grape, Cola, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon (fla..
Curly Wurly Box
Curly Wurly Chewy Caramel covered in Milk Chocolate 48 Bars - 26g each Great for - Loot Bags ..
Dark Chocolate Ginger
Ginger coated in Dark Chocolate Buderim Ginger coated with Dark Chocolate by Fyna250g or 400g bags ..
Double Dip Sherbet box
Double Dip - box of 36 packets Flavour Fizz Dips with a Swizzelstick 2 dipping sherbet - Orange an..
Easter Milk Chocolate Baby Bilby
Milk Chocolate Baby Bilby 20g Milk chocolate (cocoa solids 34% min - milk solids 27% min)Ing..
Easter Milk Chocolate Mini Chickens
Milk Chocolate Mini Chickens 78g Mesh Bags - approximately 10 Chickens per bag4cm high x 2cm..
Easter Milk Chocolate Mini Rabbits
Milk Chocolate Mini Rabbits 80g Mesh Bags - approximately 8 Rabbits per bag4cm high x 2cm wi..
Fads Old Time Favourite - Small White Candy Sticks - that used to be called 'Fags'Great for ..
Fantales by Allens 1kg
Fantales by Allen's 1kgIngredients: Glucose Syrup, Milk, Sugar, Vegetable Fat Oil, Butter, Raising ..
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