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Smarties 1kg bag by Allens
Smarties by Nestle 1kgIngredients: sugar, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, veg fat..
Snakes Alive 1.3kg bag by Allens
Snakes Alive by Allen's 1.3kgIngredients: Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Acid Treated Starch (Wheat &..
Snap and Crackle box of 60
Snap and Crackle Chewy Bar with a Burst of Flavour - 60 sticks Great for - Children's Parties ..
Sour Brite Crawlers 2kg Trolli
Sour Brite Crawlers by Trolli2kg Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Acid (330, 270, 297, 333)..
Sour Cola Bottles 2kg Trolli
Sour Cola Bottles 2kgby Trolli Ingredients: Glucose Syrup-corn, sugar, gelatine, acid -330,270,297,..
Sour Ears Chunky tub
Sour Ears approximately 300 PIECES per tub Great for - Decorating Birthday Cakes Cup Cakes Ch..
Sour Gecko Trolli Box 40pcs
Sour Geckos  40 individually wrapped Sour Geckos Ingredients: Glucose syrup (corn or whea..
Sour Lizards 1kg
Sour Lizards 1kg1kgby LollilandIngredients: Glucose Syrup (corn), sugar, gelatin, acids (330, 270, 2..
Sour Lizards Trolli 1.3kg
Sour Lizards1.3kgby TrolliIngredients: Glucose Syrup (corn), sugar, gelatin, acids (330, 270, 297, 3..
Sour Mini Multicoloured Bites 1kg
Mini Multicoloured Sour Bites1kgIngredients: Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup, Invert sugar syrup, Modi..
Sour Peach Rings 1.5kg Trolli
Sour Peach Rings1.5kgby TrolliIngredients: Glucose Syrup (corn), sugar, gelatin, acids (330, 270, 29..
Sour Strawberry Belts / Straps 150 pcs tub
Sour Strawberry Belts / Straps tub of 150 strapsIngredients: sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar syr..
Starlight Mints 1kg
Starlight Mints1kgIngredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, E330, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Flavour, Pepper..
Starlights - Purple 1kg
Starlights - Purple  (Grape flavour) 1kgIngredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, E330, Natural Flavour,..
Strawberries & Cream - 1.3kg bag by Allens
Strawberries & Cream by Allen's 1.3kgIngredients: Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Acid Treated Star..
Strawberry Bricks Sour Tub 1kg
Strawberry Bricks Tub - 1kgIngredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup, Veg F..
Strawberry Clouds 1kg
Strawberry Clouds 1kgIngredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Fruit Juice (apple), Modified Starch, Gelatin,..
Strawberry Clouds by Chunky tub
Strawberry Clouds by ChunkyGluten Free tub of approximately 300 pieces Great for - Decorating B..
Strawberry Clouds by Trolli tub
Strawberry Clouds by TrolliGluten Free tub of approximately 150 pieces Great for - Decor..
Strawberry Dreams 1.5kg
Strawberry Dreams  1.5kgDelightful tasting Strawberry Gummi dusted in fine sugar These Yu..
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