Lemon Sherbets
Lemon Sherbets Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose, Flavour, Colour 110, 133, Food Acids 334. Product..
Licorice Allsorts 1.2kg
Licorice Allsorts 1.2kgIngredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Molasses, Wheat Glucose Syrup, Water, Veget..
Licorice Mixture 700g
Licorice Mixture - for Licorice Lovers 700gMixture of various licorice Short Licorice Twists..
Mates by Fyna 700g
Mates by Fyna  - They're Great Mate ! Chocolate coated Caramels Ingredients: Caramel Centre..
Milk Chocolate Aniseed Rings
Milk Chocolate Aniseed Rings Aniseed Rings coated in Milk Chocolate Ingredients: sugar, veg oil, f..
Milk Chocolate Bullets 1kg
Milk Chocolate Bullets 1 kiloIngred:Licorice60%(molasses,wheat flour,glucose syrup-wheat,invert sug..
Milk Chocolate Clangers / Clinkers / Klinkers
Milk Chocolate Clangers  These are called different names Klinkers Clangers Clinkers Al..
Milk Chocolate Peanut Brittle 160g
Milk Chocolate Peanut Brittle 160gIngredients: Peanuts 42%, Sugar, Wheat Glucose, Water, Bicarbonat..
Milk Chocolate Scorched Almonds
Milk Chocolate Scorched Almonds Whole Roasted Almonds covered in a thick layer of fine milk chocola..
Milk Chocolate Sultanas
Milk Chocolate Sultanas Ingredients:Milk Choc(sugar,full cream milk powder,cocoa butter,cocoa mass,..
Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle 100g or 3kg Ingredients: Peanuts 42%, Sugar, Wheat Glucose, Water, Bicarbonate of so..
Peppermint Chocolate Drops 900g
Peppermint Chocolate Drops 900gWhite and Emerald Green Candy Coasted Peppermint flavoured Chocolate..
Raspberry Twisters 1kg by RJs New Zealand
Raspberry Twists  (Wonka - now made by RJs New Zealand) 1kgApproximately 90 Raspberry flavoured..
Stars - Chocolate Foil Stars - Electric Blue
Chocolate Foil Stars - Electric Blue Approximately 48 stars per 400 g bag 5kg - approximately 700 s..
Turkish Delight 250g - Rose
Turkish Delight 250g - RoseMade by Real Turkish Delight AustraliaIngredients - Sugar, Glucose S..
Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate 200g - Rose
Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight 200g - RoseMade by Real Turkish Delight AustraliaIngredients - S..
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