Racing Car by Storz
Racing Car sold by the unitfine chocolate by Storz "Ideas made of chocolate" - this perfectly ..
Ring Pops
Ring Pops lollipop on your fingerRing Pops are the ultimate in candy bling. These giant, brightly ..
Snap and Crackle
Snap and Crackle Chewy Bar with a Burst of Flavour Great for - Children's Parties Loot..
Sour Chews TNT
TNT Sour Chews 15 pieces per packet 200 pieces per kilo bag Ingredients:  sugar, corn ..
Sour Gecko by Trolli
Sour Gecko by TrolliIndividually wrapped Ingredients: Glucose syrup (corn or wheat), Sugar, Gelat..
Sour Ice Pops TNT
TNT Sour Ice PopsIngredients: water, sugar, food acids (330, 296), nature identical flavours, stabil..
Sour Lizards by Trolli
Sour Lizards by Trolli Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar,  Gelatin, Acid (330, 270, 297,333), G..
Triple Dippers
Triple Dippers - sherbet dips2 Compressed Candy Sticks with 3 Flavour Sherbet DipsIngredients: Maize..
Warheads Double Drops
Warheads Double Drops Sour LiquidMade in ChinaSuper sour liquid candy. Artificially flavoured ..
Warheads Junior Extreme Sour
Warheads Junior Extreme Sour49.0 gramsMade in TaiwanAssorted flavours. Black cherry. Apple. Lemon wa..
Warheads Spray
Warheads Spray Super Sour SprayMade in USAIngredients: Water, sugar, food acid (330, 296, 270), t..
Watermelon Pieces
Watermelon PiecesYou get approximately 17 pieces per 100g these are a mixture of Sweet and Sour (..
Wicked Fizz Blue Raspberry Chews
Wicked Fizz Blue Raspberry Ingredients: Glucose syrup from corn, cane sugar, glucose powder from c..
Wicked Fizz Cola Chews
Wicked Fizz Cola ChewsIngredients: Glucose syrup from corn, cane sugar, glucose powder from corn, ..
Wicked Fizz Strawberry Chews
Wicked Fizz Strawberry FlavourIngredients: Glucose syrup from corn, cane sugar, glucose powder from ..
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