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Choo Choo Bar - The Original Licorice Bar

by Lagoon

bring back some childhood memories of black tongues and mouths!!

The Choo-Choo Bar was originally made by Plaistowe in Western Australia. Hearsay suggests it arrived in the early 1950s – it was certainly advertised by 1954. The wrapper of the chewy liquorice-flavoured toffee bar originally depicted a train being driven by a very non-PC gollywog. Choo-Choos were discontinued sometime in the 1990s after Nestlé acquired Plaistowe, but were revived after Lagoon Confectioners purchased the brand in 2007.

The steam train (the Choo-Choo Funtime Express) on the Choo-Choo Bar wrapper is  being ridden by a cast of cartoon characters. The train remains, but the original gollywog driver has since been replaced by a monkey. There is also a raspberry-flavoured Choo-Choo. by Australian Food Timeline

Great for -

  • Themed Parties
  • Lolly Buffets
  • Eating because you LOVE them!!

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