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Black Licorice Short Twists

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Malasses, Sugar, Invert Sugar, Wheat Flucose Syrup, Water, Vegetable Oil, Colour (102,122,142), Emulsifier (471), Flavour, Preservative (20), Aniseed Oil, Salt.  MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS. Product of Australia

Liquorice or licorice is a confection usually flavoured with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant Glycyrrhiza Glabra. A wide variety of liquorice sweets are produced around the world. In Australia, black licorice is distinguished from similar confectionery varieties that are not flavoured with liquorice extract but commonly manufactured in the form of chewy ropes or tubes.

  • Lolly Buffets
  • Black Colour Themed Events
  • Eating because you LOVE them

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