The Allen's range of Jelly / Gummy Lollies have been around since 1954, they are Australia's most favourite Jelly / Gummy Lolly.  Whether you're a child, a teenager or an adult, you have probably enjoyed more than your fair share of Allen's Jelly / Gummy Lollies.

One of the most consistently popular Jelly/Gummy sweet treats, the Allen's Snakes are available in regular sizes and the larger 'python' varieties.  It has always been fun to split the snake and choose what to eat first, the head or tail.

Red Gummi Lips 300g
Gummi Red Lips by Trolli300g Ingredients: Glucose Syrup(corn), sugar, gelatine, acid-330, flavou..
Red Gummy Lips 1kg
Red Gummy Lips - Gluten free 1 kiloIngredients: Glucose Syrup (corn), sugar, gelatine, acid-330, ..
Red Licorice Short Twists 400g
Red Licorice Short Twists 400g Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Invert Sugar, Wheat Glucose Syrup..
Snakes Alive by Allens
Snakes Alive by Allen's Great for Snakes in a Pond (Jelly) Lolly Buffets Sporting Event..
Strawberries & Cream - Fresha
Strawberries & Cream by Fresha (Cadbury) Ingredients - Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Ac..
Strawberries & Cream by Allens
Strawberries & Cream by Allen's Ingredients - Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Acid Treated S..
Teeth - Laughs - False Teeth by Cadbury
Teeth - Laughs - False Teeth Ingredients - Wheaten Glucose, Cane Sugar, Gelatine, Wheaten St..
Teeth - Laughs - False Teeth by Cadbury 1kg
Teeth - Laughs - False Teeth 1kgIngredients - Wheaten Glucose, Cane Sugar, Gelatine, Wheaten..
Teeth 1kg - Allseps
Teeth 1kgby Allseps Great for Frogs in a Pond (Jelly) Lolly Buffets Weddings Sporting..
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight Made by Real Turkish Delight CompanyIngredients - Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Wa..
Witchetty Grubs
Witchetty GrubsProduced by Finetime (Confectionery Trading Company) Ingredients - Sugar, Maltrose..
Fruit Pastilles 120g
Fruit Pastilles by Rowntrees120gIngredients: corn syrup, sugar, modified starch, citric acid, fla..
Jubes Hard 750g
Jubes Hard - Fresha (by Cadbury) 750gIngredients: corn syrup, sugar, modified starch, citric acid..
Jubes Soft - Gluten Free
Jubes Soft Gluten Free 700gIngredients: corn syrup, sugar, modified starch, citric acid, flavours..
Mini Hamburgers
Mini Hamburgers - by Trolli Ingredients: Glucose syrup(corn), sugar, gelatine, gelling agent: pec..
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