Greetings to you from Willy Wonka himself!

Tremendous things are in store for you!
Many tasty treats await you!
Inside this Scrumdiddlyumptious section you will find MYSTIC & MARVELOUS SURPRISES that will Entrance, Intrigue & Delight you BEYOND MEASURE.
So don't just SIT THERE with your mouth open. 
Feed Your Imagination............

3 Musketeers
3 Musketeers from USA 3 Musketeers is a candy bar made in the United States and Canada by Mars,..
A & W Creaming Soda
A & W Creaming Sodafrom America 355ml Cans - Creaming Soda is a cream soda carbonated soft dr..
A & W Root Beer
A & W Root Beer from Americatastes like Sarsparilla the American way355ml Cans of Root Beer ..
ABC Candy Alphabet Letters
ABC - Alphabet Candy Letters Product of UKIngredients - Sugar, Dextrose, Maize Starch, Acid - 330, ..
Baby Ruth
Baby Ruth from USA Bursting with Peanuts, Rich Caramel and Chewy NougatIngredients: Sugar, roaste..
Big League Chews - Grape
Big League Chews -  Grape Flavour USA gumSitting in a bullpen one night, Portland Mavericks'..
Big League Chews - Original
Big League Chews - Original flavour USA gum Sitting in a bullpen one night, Portland Mavericks' ..
Big Red Cinnamon Gum
Big Red Gum - Cinnamon flavourUSA gumThe bold cinnamon flavor of Wrigley's Big Red provides long las..
Blackpool Rock Peppermint
Blackpool Rock - Peppermint flavour direct from Blackpool in the UKRock (often known by its place..
Bubblegum Sherbets
Bubblegum Sherbets Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose syrup, Flavour, Colour 171, 132, 129, Citric..
Butterfinger by NESTLE - U.S.A. CRISPY, CRUNCHY AND PEANUT-BUTTERY Butterfinger was invente..
Candy Corn
Candy Corn from USA bag of 92g Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Honey, Confectioner's Gla..
Cherry Coca-Cola
Cherry Coca-Cola USA drinks 12 x 355ml cans of Cherry Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Cherry, originally i..
Daim Bar
Daim Bar Crunchy Almond Caramel Centre coated with Milk Chocolate Cadbury House - UK   ..
Dandelion 'n' Burdock
Dandelion 'n' Burdock UK drinks330ml can Dandelion and burdock is a beverage consumed in the Brit..
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