Everyone loves receiving a Gift or Present.........whether it is to say -

  • 'Thank you'
  • 'I Love You'
  • 'Happy Birthday'
  • 'Great to See You'

Chocolates are always a terrific Gift, as they can be shared with others, and enjoyed.

Fantales by Allens 1kg
Fantales by Allen's 1kgIngredients: Glucose Syrup, Milk, Sugar, Vegetable Fat Oil, Butter, Raisin..
Freddo Frog Milk Chocolate 72 piece
Freddo Frog Milk Chocolateby Cadbury72 X 15g per box Ingredients: Milk Compound Chocolate 75%(sug..
Fruity Sherbet Bombs 2.5kg
Fruity Sherbet Bombs Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose, Flavour, Colour 102, 110, 122, 133, 142, ..
Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick
Gigantic Gummy Bear on a Stick 227grams  -  Strawberry & Blue Raspberry flavouredIn..
Gold $1 Milk Chocolate Coins
Chocolate Coins Gold $1 Coins approximately 120 $1 Chocolate Coins per kiloEach Gold Coin is 4cm ..
Golden Rough box
Golden Roughs - with Roasted Coconutby Nestle48 X 20g Ingredients: Milk Compound Chocolate 75%(su..
Hamper - Allens Mini Lolly Hamper
Mini Lolly Hamper of Allen's ProductsBags (90g) of -PineapplesChicosSnakesBananasRed FrogsFantalesMi..
Hamper - American Candy Pie
Hamper - American Candy PieTake 5  42g x 1Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme 43g x 1m&m's Peanut B..
Hamper - Chocolate Indulgence
Hamper of Chocolate IndulgenceBags of -Fererro Rocher x 5Fyna Mates 300gChocolate Honeycomb 500gRose..
Hamper - Hearts 'n Roses
Hamper - Hearts and RosesMilk Chocolate Roses 18g x 12Milk Chocolate Hearts in Red Foil 8g x 12Decor..
Hamper - New Zealand
Hamper of New Zealand SweetsBags of -Choc Mallow Fish x 2Buzz Bar x 2Jet Planes x 100gPinky Bar x 2P..
Hamper - Novelty & Sour
Hamper of Novelty & SourBags of -TNT Multicolour Sour Straps 60 pieces x 1 tubRing Pops x 2Pop R..
Hamper - Nut and Chocs
Hamper of Nut & ChocsBags of -Nobby's Nuts Salted 100gHP Sauce Original 220mlFruit Drops 300gRos..
Hamper - Nutty Experience
Hamper - Nutty ExperienceMilk Chocolate Almonds 100gPork Crackle 25gMilk Chocolate Coated Sultanas 1..
Hamper - Old Favourites
Hamper of Old FavouritesBags of -Licorice Allsorts 200gFyna Mates 300gChocolate Honeycomb 200gAssort..
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