Red  -  Graduations

Aniseed Balls - Red
Red Aniseed Balls Ingredients: Sugar, Tapioca, Dextrin, Aiseed Oil, Colours 122, Carnauba Wax. P..
Giant Jaffas
Large Giant Jaffas  Large Chocolate Orange Drops (Large Jaffas) Ingredients: sugar, veg f..
Hearts - Milk Chocolate Hearts in Red Foil
Milk Chocolate Hearts in Red Foil approximately 10g per heart 1kg - approx 104 hearts  I..
Hearts - Milk Chocolate Hearts in Red Foil 20g
20g Milk Chocolate Hearts in Red Foil 20g per heart Ingredients: Sugar, milk solids, cocoa but..
Hearts - Milk Chocolate Pink Foil Hearts 77g bag
Milk Chocolate Hearts in Pink Foil approximately 10-11 hearts per 77g bag Ingredients: Sugar, ..
Jaffas by Allens
Jaffas by Allen's Orange flavoured Chocolate in a crisp shell Ingredients: Chocolate(sugar,..
Jaffas by Allens 1kg bag
Jaffas by Allen's 1kgGreat for - Lolly Buffets Childrens Parties Lolly Jars Ingred..
Jelly Beans Mini - Red 1kg
Mini Single Coloured Jelly Beans - Red (Strawberry flavour)  1kgGluten Free Jelly ..
Kisses - Milk Chocolate Lips in Red Foil
Kisses - Chocolate Lips covered in Red Foil Ingredients: Sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, cocoa ..
Lollipops - Mini Hearts Lollypops 200 pops
Little Red Heart Lollipops 3cm x 3cm - lollipop9.5cm - top to bottom of stick (approximately)200 ..
Lollipops - Twisty Pops Red
Twisty Red Lollipops approximately 20 Lollipops per packet12grams per popLength of Pop  -&nb..
Raspberries & Blackberries  Gluten Free
Raspberries & Blackberries  Gluten Free Great for - Lolly Buffets Children's ..
Raspberries by Allens
Ripe Raspberries by Allens Ingredients - Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Acid Modified Wheat Starch, W..
Raspberry Twists by RJs
Raspberry Twisters (Wonka - now made by RJs New Zealand) Approximately 90 Raspberry flavoured twist..
Red Chocolate Drops
Chocolate Drops - Red size of a Smartie - made by an Australian Company Chocolate Drops are a ..
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