Chocolate is associated with festivals such as Easter, when moulded chocolate rabbits and eggs are traditionally given in Christian communities, and Hanukkah, when chocolate coins are given in Jewish communities. Chocolate hearts and chocolate in heart-shaped boxes are popular on Valentine's Day and are often presented along with flowers and a greeting card.  Chocolate is an acceptable gift on other holidays and on occasions such as birthdays.



3 Musketeers
3 Musketeers from USA 3 Musketeers is a candy bar made in the United States and Canada by Mars,..
Aeroplanes by Storz
Aeroplanes made by Storz fine chocolates"Ideas made of chocolate" - this perfectly describes the co..
Baby Ruth Chocolate Bar
Baby Ruth from USA Bursting with Peanuts, Rich Caramel and Chewy NougatIngredients: Sugar, roaste..
Blue Chocolate Drops 400g
Chocolate Drops - Blue 400g size of a Smartie - made by an Australian Company Chocolate Drops ..
Butterfly by Storz
Butterfly sold by the piece - 1 butterflyfine chocolate by Storz "Ideas made of chocolate" -..
Caramel Chocolate Buds
Caramel Chocolate Buds Ingredients: Sugar, Milk Solids, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifiers-soy lecithin,4..
Caramello Koala 72 pieces
Caramello Koalaby Cadbury72 X 15g per box Ingredients: Milk Compound Chocolate 75%(sugar,vegetabl..
Caramello Koala Giant Box
Caramello Koala Giantby Cadbury36 X 35g per box Ingredients: Milk Compound Chocolate 75%(sugar,ve..
Chocolate Buds Assorted
Chocolate Buds Mixture Mix of Caramels Bud Whirls, Milk Chocolate Bud Whirls, White Chocolate Spa..
Chocolate Buds Assorted 1kg
Chocolate Buds Mixture 1kg Mix of Caramels Bud Whirls, Milk Chocolate Bud Whirls, White Chocolate..
Chocolate Gemstones
Chocolate GemstonesIngredients: sugar, hardened oil, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, titanium diox..
Chocolate Mix Assorted
Assorted Chocolates  These are some of the items you will find - Smarties Jaffas C..
Chocolate Rocks
Chocolate Rocks1kgIngredients: Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (palm), Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, ..
Chocolate Soccer Balls 300g
Chocolate Soccer Balls300 grams of Milk Chocolate Soccer BallsIngredients: sugar, vegetable oil (pal..
Chocolate Sports Balls 300g
Chocolate Sports Balls300 grams - Footballs, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and BasketballsIngredients: sugar,..
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