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Mini Florals 10kg carton
Mini Florals  Mini Florals are very much Old School Favourites, they have been around for de..
Mini Musk Drops 10kg carton
Mini Musk Drops  Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup-wheat, tapioca starch, stabiliser - 1401,..
Mini Musk Sticks carton
Mini Musk Sticks 3 - 4cm in length 6 kilograms per cartonIngredients: sugar, glucose, gelatine..
Minties by Allens 6kg carton
Minties by AllensMinties were invented in 1922 by James Noble Stedman (1860–1944), son of company ..
Musk Discs 10kg carton
Musk Discs10kgIngredients - sugar, glucose syrup-wheat, tapioca starch, stabiliser - 1401, ma..
Party Mix by Allens 7.8kg carton
Party Mix by Allen's Ingredients: Glucose syrup-wheat, cane sugar, thickener-1401 or 1420-wheat, ..
Party Mix Lollies - Fresha (Cadbury) 10kg
Party Mix Lollies - Freshaby Cadbury10kilo Carton Great for Loot Party Bags Show Bag..
Pineapples by Allens 7.8kg
Pineapples by Allens Ingredients: Glucose syrup-wheat, cane sugar, thickener-1401 or 1420-wheat, ..
Raspberries by Allens 7.8kg carton
Ripe Raspberries by AllensRASPBERRY FLAVOURED JELLIESIngredients: Glucose syrup-wheat, cane sugar, t..
Raspberry Twisters - Wonka 6kg
Wonka Raspberry Twisters Approximately 90 Raspberry flavoured twists per box 6 x 1kg per carton ..
Red Frogs - Allens 7.8kg carton
Red Frogs by Allen'sIngredients: Glucose Syrup-wheat, cane sugar,thickener-1401 or 1420-wheat, ge..
Sherbet Cocktails 8kg
Fruity Sherbet Cocktails Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose, Flavour, Colour 102, 110, 122, 133, 1..
Smarties - Allens 6kg
Smarties by Nestle 6 x 1kg bagsIngredients: Milk Compound (Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Full Cream Milk ..
Snakes Alive - Allens 7.8kg
Snakes Alive by Allen'sIngredients: Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Acid Treated Starch (Wheat & ..
Strawberries & Cream by Allens 7.8kg
Strawberries & Cream by Allen's 6 x 1.3kg bags Great for - Lolly Buffets Childrens..
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