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Butterfinger was invented by the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago, Illinois, in 1923. The company held a public contest to choose the name of the candy. The name is an informal term for a clumsy person, particularly in sporting events when an athlete has dropped a ball. As an early publicity stunt and marketing plot, the company dropped Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy bars from airplanes in cities across the United States which helped increase its popularity. It was also promoted in Baby Take a Bow, a 1934 film featuring Shirley Temple. The Curtiss Candy Company was owned by Standard Brands Inc which merged with Nabisco in 1981 to become Nabisco Brands, Inc., and, in 1990, Nestlé bought Baby Ruth and Butterfinger from RJR Nabisco.


Bolder than bold cravings can’t be contained. Especially when they’re this crispety, crunchety and peanut-buttery. So go on and indulge yourself in the one of a kind taste of an all American classic that can never be replaced.

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