If you are after larger quantities of Lollies, Chocolates, Sours etc. 
Buy them in Bulk and Save!

For Extra Large Orders, please ring to confirm the stock is available, to avoid disappointment

Purchasing in Bulk is great for -

  • Childrens Parties
  • Weddings
  • Lolly Buffets
  • Office
  • Present for friends
Mixed Wrapped Lollies 2kg - CTC
CTC Mixed Wrapped LolliesAssorted individually wrapped lollies 2 kilo - approximately 400 pieces ..
Musk Sticks box
Musk Sticks box of approximately 180 sticksTraditional Australian Confectionery Ingredients -&nb..
Nerds Mini Packs - Grape & Strawberry
Nerds Mini Packs - Grape & Strawberry Nerds by Wonka  -  Gotta- have Grape & Seri..
Nerds Rope
Nerds Rope Box of 24 Ropes Great for - Children's Parties Loot Bags Stocking fillers..
Octopus - 2kg Trolli
Octopus - gummy2kg by Trolli Ingredients: Glucose syrup (corn), sugar, gelatine, acid (330), gellin..
Party Mix 1.3kg bag Allens
Party Mix 1.3kg bag by Allen's Great for - Parties.........Parties.........Parties ..
Party Mix Gluten Free 1kg
Party Mix Gluten Free 1kgIngredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Modified Starch (potato), Gelatine (beef..
Party Mix Lollies 1kg - Fresha
Party Mix Lollies - Fresha1kgby Cadbury Great for Loot Party Bags Show Bags Sports..
Party Mix Lolly Bags
Small Bags of Lollies suitable for - Loot Bags Show Bags Small Gifts Can be made spec..
Peppermint Candy Balls 1kg
Peppermint Candy Balls 1kgMade by an Australian Company Kool Mint are no longer available in 1ki..
Pineapples 1.3kg by Allens
Pineapples 1.3kg by Allens Great for - Childrens Parties Lolly Buffets Weddings Eatin..
Pink and White Hearts Candies 1kg
Candy Pink and White Hearts1kgIngredients: Dextrose, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier ..
Pink Chocolate Balls 1kg
Chocolate Balls - Pink 1 kiloapproximately 15mm acrossChocolate Balls are a colour-varied sugar-c..
Pink Chocolate Drops 1kg
Chocolate Drops - Pink 1kgsize of a Smartie - made by an Australian Company Chocolate Drops ar..
Pink Chocolate Pearls 1kg
Chocolate Pearls - Pink 1 kiloapproximately 5mm acrossChocolate Pearls are a colour-varied sugar-..
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