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Jelly Babies Allens 1.3kg
Jelly Babies 1.3kg bag by Allens Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (wheat or corn), Cane sugar, Thick..
Jelly Beans 1kg - Allens
Jelly Beans 1kg bag by Allen'sIngredients: Glucose, Sugar, Starch, Flavours, Colours (102,110,122,..
Jelly Beans Mixed Colours 1kg
Mixed Coloured Jelly Beans1kgIngredients: Glucose, Sugar, Starch, Flavours, Colours (102,110,122,123..
Jersey Caramels 1kg
Jersey Caramels1kgJersey caramels are yet another Aussie favourite. A soft caramel square with three..
Jet Planes 2kg
Jet Planes - New Zealand by Pascall 2kg bagIngredients: Sugar,m Glucose syrup (from Wheat and corn)..
Ka-Bluey Sour Bubble Gum Balls box
Ka-Bluey Sour Bubble Gum BallsIngredients: sugar, gum base, corn syrup, dextrose, acids 330, flavour..
Killer Pythons Allens 1kg
Killer Pythons by Allen's 1kgApproximately 20  Killer Pythons per Bag Ingredients: Glucso..
Kool Mints 500g - Allens
Kool Mints by  Allen's Individually wrapped 130 pieces per 500 gram bag Ingredients: Sugar..
Lemon Sherbets
Lemon Sherbets Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose, Flavour, Colour 110, 133, Food Acids 334. Prod..
Lemon Sherbets 4kg
Lemon Sherbets Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose, Flavour, Colour 110, 133, Food Acids 334. Prod..
Licorice Allsorts 1.2kg
Licorice Allsorts 1.2kgIngredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Molasses, Wheat Glucose Syrup, Water, Veg..
Lollipops - Assorted Coloured Lollipops
Assorted Coloured Lollipops 800g bagapproximately 80 Lollipops per packetIngredients: Sugar, Gluc..
Lollipops - Mini Hearts Lollypops 200 pops
Little Red Heart Lollipops 3cm x 3cm - lollipop9.5cm - top to bottom of stick (approximately)200 ..
Love Hearts Giant Roll by Swizzels - 24 rolls
UK Conversation Love Hearts  24 rolls per boxFruit Flavour Fizzy Sweets Be Mine Blue..
Mackintosh Toffees by Allens 1kg
Mackintosh's Toffees by Allen's A Tradition worth sharing1kgIngredients: Glucose Syrup (corn), Sw..
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