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Love Hearts Giant Roll by Swizzels - 24 rolls
UK Conversation Love Hearts  24 rolls per boxFruit Flavour Fizzy Sweets Be Mine Blue..
Mackintosh Toffees by RJ's 1kg
Mackintosh's Toffees by RJ's A Tradition worth sharing - were made by Allen's (Nestle) now made by ..
Mates by Fyna 700g
Mates by Fyna  - They're Great Mate ! Chocolate coated Caramels Ingredients: Caramel Centre..
Mentos - Fruit 200 pieces
Mentos - Fruit 200 pieces per bagMentos Fruit has a mix of strawberry, orange and lemon. This is a ..
Mentos - Mint 200 pieces
Mentos - Mint 200 pieces per bagMentos Chewy Mints are offered in several refreshing flavor varieti..
Mentos - Spearmint 200 pieces
Mentos - Spearmint 200 pieces per bagMentos Chewy Mints are offered in several refreshing flavor va..
Metre Licorice
Metre Licorice by Fyna Confectionery Purchase the the 120g packet or box of 20 packetsA metre long ..
Milk Chocolate Bullets 1kg
Milk Chocolate Bullets 1 kiloIngred:Licorice60%(molasses,wheat flour,glucose syrup-wheat,invert sug..
Milko Sticks by Allens - 64 sticks
Milko Sticks by Allens64 sticksIngredients: Sweetened Condensed Milk (milk,sugar), Glucose Syru..
Mini Candy Fruits 2kg
Mini Hard Candy Fruit 2kgIngredients: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Anticaking Agent, Food Acid (330), ..
Mini Chupa Chups - 50 mini lollipops tub
Mini Chupa Chups  VARIETY OF FLAVOURS - Grape, Cola, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon..
Mini Florals  1kg
Mini Florals 1kgMini Florals are very much Old School Favourites, they have been around for decades,..
Mini Musk Drops  1kg
Mini Musk Drops  1kgGreat for Childrens Parties Weddings Lolly Buffets Baby Show..
Mini Wonder Bars 2kg
Mini Wonder Bars Mini Blow PipesIngredients: sugar, glucose fructose syrup, invert sugar syrup, m..
Mint Balls Red & White 1kg
Mint Balls Red & White 1kgapproximately 80 balls per bagIngredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, E171, Na..
Mint Drops 1kg
Mint Drops Make your Special Day a Mint To Be Day, with these cute little mints!Ingredients: suga..
Mint Patties box of 48 patties
Mint Pattiesby Nestle48 X 20g Product of Australia Great for - Lolly Buffets Loot Bags Specia..
Minties by Allens 1kg
Minties by Allen's1kgMinties were invented in 1922 by James Noble Stedman (1860–1944), son of compa..
Mixed Wrapped Lollies 2kg - CTC
CTC Mixed Wrapped LolliesAssorted individually wrapped lollies 2 kilo - approximately 400 pieces Gr..
Musk Sticks box
Musk Sticks box of approximately 180 sticksTraditional Australian Confectionery Ingredients - ..
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